Daiso Mili (Japan) 2020

Daiso Mili 2020 | Timex Camper hommage

Sizes and Numbers

This watch is kind of an odd one out. First of all, it is a contemporary Japanese replica of a Timex Camper. Timex-collectors love this watch because it can be easily moderated and it looks good. I’ve seen examples completely filled with oil. (Yes, it will still run) And some freak even put in a mechanical movement. Moreover it is cheap. Read more about the watch right here: https://tinyurl.com/mrx8758s

The case has a diameter with crown of 40 mm.
The height is 12 mm.
The black nylon NATO strap is 20 mm.
Catalogue number: Unknown
Movement: Hattori PCS21
Year: Obtained in Sep. 2020

One of the items is in the original unopened package. The other package was neatly opened on the side.